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We are healthcare professionals who carry out, in collaboration with other professionals in the paediatric area, the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of childhood neuropsychiatric diseases, in the areas of neuropsychomotricity, neuropsychology and developmental psychopathology (age range 0-18 years).


Our holistic approach is based considering the whole individual (the unity of body and mind) as an integration of physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs. It is through the body and movement that children communicate something about themselves and their own interiority to promote the development of cognitive and social skills as well as the maturation of emotions.

Our idea was born from the desire to share our experience and our integrated intervention with children's professionals, families and schools, in order to offer a range of tools and evaluate the integration of skills, whether they are well developed or not.

Our NPB approach stems from the idea of ​​offering a series of targeted interventions and strategies useful for the treatment of developmental disorders, in a school and family setting.


A good knowledge of typical and atypical development of the child, observation, and evaluation of how the child approaches the surrounding environment (the ability to be in the world) and the study of the level of interference that his behaviours produce daily, are what makes our approach unique and global.

Starting from the assumption that every child is different from the other, there are developmental stages common to all, which will lead them to become autonomous and self-aware individuals, refining their abilities and the body-mind relationship.

The main development stages we take into consideration are:

  • The posture-motor development

  • The cognitive and neuropsycological development

  • The emotional-affective and relational development

  • The behavioural development

  • The linguistic development

  • The sensory development


The pleasure of playing

The pleasure of thinking

The pleasure of learning

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